Excellent local file and duplicate search tool


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Admit it. Your hard drive is a mess. Organization was never your thing, and now you realize that you have no idea where you stuck a certain document and that the chances of you finding it by magic are slim. So, you only have two options: give up, or use Mo-Search.

Mo-Search is a complete local file search tool that works efficiently, exploring your disks and files, whether you're looking for the name of a file or strings of text inside the files themselves.

These searches can include different types of filters to improve the search results even more, scanning the selected route looking for names, text strings, file types, etc.

In addition, Mo-Search includes a couple of useful file management tools. One allows you to locate duplicated files and delete them directly from the program, and another gives you a list of all of the types of files you have in one spot, telling you how many of each type of file you have and how much space they're taking up on your hard drive.
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